IBA MU in the year 2016

The following text (in Czech language) was published in the annual report of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, summing up the most important events and activities of IBA MU in the preceding year.

14 Apr 2017

Important events in 2016

Research activities

IBA MU is the investigator or co-investigator of academic research projects and contract research projects, on both national and international levels.

The European project Cancon was one of the key academic research projects solved in 2016, focusing on improvements in the organisation of cancer care. Within this project, IBA MU cooperated with the Vysočina Region and the South Moravian Region to develop a pilot model of comprehensive cancer care network. This pilot network, which consists of cancer care facilities and educational institutions from both regions (including the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, University Hospital Brno, St Anne's University Hospital Brno and the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University), was officially introduced in September 2016.

Medical education and the implementation of modern information technology into the education of healthcare professionals is another domain of international cooperation. In this regard, IBA MU is the main investigator of one project (MEDCIN) and co-investigator of three more projects (CROESUS, TAME, WAVES) that have been supported from the Erasmus+ exchange programme.

On the national level, IBA MU was the main investigator of co-investigator of four grant projects funded by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and 20 contract research projects.

Year 2016 in numbers

By the end of 2016, the total number of IBA MU employees amounted to 93, which is a number comparable to the previous year. Out of these, 20 employees are involved in teaching activities at the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University.

Position Number of workers
Professors 3
Associate professors 2
Assistant professors 7
Specialists 34
Data analysts 23
IT workers 14
Finance and administration 10

IBA MU’s publication activities are mainly based on an interdisciplinary cooperation with partners working in the domains of healthcare and natural sciences. Articles in international peer-reviewed journals with impact factor (IF) are of key importance; the annual number of these articles has regularly exceeded 80 in recent years. When compared to the previous year, the mean value of IF has slightly increased: from 2.66 (in 2015) to 2.75 (in 2016).

Type of publication Number of publications
Jimp articles 81
Jsc articles 25
Other research articles 5
Chapters in books 2
Authorised software 1


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